Top 10 3-D Bones

On each of the following pages is a miniature version of one of the QTVR (Quicktime Virtual Reality) movies available on the Online Dinosaur Museum site. Thousands of these movies are accessible from there, but presented here are ten of the most popular and interesting bones in the Museum. Because each of these is presented as QTVR, you can rotate the bone yourself using your mouse, so you can inspect it from all sides.

As you travel through this collection, try to visualize these bones in the animals to which they once belonged. You will find something in each of these bones to excite your interest and to elicit your admiration for the design and wonderful power of these creatures.   Although these QTVR movies have been reduced in size from the originals on the museum site (usually by a factor of 2 or 4), they still are quite large and may require some time to download if you do not have a fast internet connection. It is worth the wait! To begin your journey, click on the highlighted text below.  Each successive page will have a similar countdown link near the bottom of the page.

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