Work Station

Each workstation contains an exhaust vent to remove harmful and contaminating materials from the workplace. The air is drawn from the hooded workspace by a vacuum cleaner large enough to filter all of the air in the room in two minutes. Because the loss of air at that rate from the room would make it difficult to regulate the temperature, the vacuum system is contained within the room space. A giant vacuum bag filters the dirty air down to the micron level before returning it to the room.  The vacuum is a “two stage” machine, removing the larger particles in a separate step before filtering the finer materials out. Because the machine is very noisy, it is isolated in the room corner by 3 inch polyethylene foam mat.  You can see the purple covering for the vacuum in the “Explore Lab” section.

The workstation is equipped with an electrical outlet and a compressed air source for running the Dremel tools and the air scribes.  Workers in the workstation area must wear eye protection at all times and ear protection when using the exhaust vent or power tools.

Most repair work on the bones is done with the judicious application of Cyanoacrylate adhesive (the active ingredient of “Super glue”).  Use of this adhesive entails caution since it sets very rapidly and contact with skin or clothes can be dangerous. Because research on the bones may require removal of the glue, and there are few good reversing agents for cyanoacrylate, we strive for minimal glue use.