Quarrying Tools

The tools shown on this page are close to life size.

In the quarry most of the excavation is done using a few very fine tools.These include coarse probes which are the general purpose tool used for most excavation:

Fine probes are the most delicate tool we use.These fine steel points are used when working close to a bone or to remove dirt or sediment from the bone surface itself:

Blunt probes are one of the most useful tools for medium level excavation, when you have not yet found a bone, but might be close to one:

The largest tool we use for routine excavation is a scratch awl.This tool is used to break up hard sediment, especially when we are above the bone layer:

Another indispensible tool is the brush, used for removing dust and dirt from the work surface:

Power tools are also used to break up sedimentary concretions and for removal of substrate that is too hard for removal by the hand tools above. These tools are discussed later in connection with sample preparation.

You can learn about these power tools by clicking here.

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