Field Book

Below are two pages from the field book of one of our researchers, Anna Perea. These pages illustrate the kinds of details that are recorded for each bone encountered. Although this might not be a typical field book, since Anna, in addition to being a scientist is also a skilled artist, it is not necessary for scientists to be artists, just careful observers and recorders of details. This bone, a fibula from an Edmontosaurus, specimen number HRS07787, can be seen in the Museum collection in its finished form.

On the second page Anna records the important physical details associated with the recovery of the bone, enabling subsequent research to proceed in an informed manner Note especially the date, the location (West Quarry), and such things as the type of sediment in which Anna was excavating. Had this been the only bone she found, there might have been considerably more information recorded. But when there are multiple bones being excavated every day, this is not necessary.

Anna’s book, like all field books, was taken back to the labratory where the pages were copied and permanently filed.  The book is then returned to the excavator.
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